Complete accounting

Accounting Services:


  • Full accounting services for a current year;
  • Set up accounting system in a start-up companies;
  • Develop an accounting policy document and accounting manual and upgrade them afterwards;
  • Prepare tax returns and develop forms required by the state bodies;
  • Process information and present them to the tax authority and other state bodies;
  • Tax reporting;
  • Forecast and plan taxes;
  • Prepare information on accounts receivables and payables;
  • Monitor tax liabilities and risks;
  • Prepare financial statements;
  • Prepare a statement on current accounts receivables and liabilities;
  • Plan flow of inventory;
  • Plan cash flows.



Restore records of previous periods:


  • Prepare, sort and automate of according documents from last periods;
  • Bring the financial accounting to the international standards and tax legislation of Georgia;
  • Correct accounting and tax drawbacks of the last periods;
  • Lay out ways to improve accounting;
  • Systemize preparation of primary tax documents;
  • Engage different specialists (construction engineers, energy specialist, machine-operators, IT specialists) by specificity of mistakes and the fields.



Prepare financial statements;


  • Present information in compliance with IRFS for auditing;
  • Prepare financial statements and submit it at a time of selling a company;
  • Prepare a report for short-term and long-term investments;
  • Submit accounting date to the bank (to obtain a credit).



Plan and forecast financial results:


  • Plan and forecast income, balance sheet items, and taxes;
  • Plan income, expenses and income;
  • Monitor implementation of the plan and identify deviations and causes;
  • In case of deviations, make adjustments in order to improve monitoring mechanism and information exchange;
  • Plan inventories;
  • Plan returns on long-term and short-term investments;
  • Conduct a systematic monitoring of the above issues;
  • Determine assessable liabilities (determine bad and doubtful debts and create reserves).




We offer internal and external monitoring.


Internal monitoring consists of:

  • Check work done (an employee checks work done by the other employee);
  • Preliminary discuss new operations and determine outcomes for tax and accounting purposes.


External monitoring consists of:

  • Internal information exchange procedures on pending accounts receivables and liabilities;
  • Internal quality control;
  • Monitoring tax liabilities and risks.



Prepare tax returns:


This service consists of preparing yearly, monthly tax returns and forms based on the information provided to a company one time or over a longer period of time and submitting them to the tax authority:


  • Prepare returns of income, VAT, profit, and property taxes and submit them to the Tax Service;
  • Reconcile the returns with the tax authority and monitor emergence of tax liabilities;
  • Relate with the tax authority and prepare letters to be addressed to the tax authority in regard of overpaid taxes (tax asset) to be credited as other kind of taxes.



Service of Chief Accountant


  • Prepare tax returns and forms (monthly, annual);
  • Process information in course of tax audit;
  • Process information in case of tax disputes.



Result of accounting services:


  • The founders and the management will be informed about financial issues of the company in a timely manner;
  • Further improve information exchange between the founders and the management;
  • Present information to the Tax Service and other state bodies and be responsible for its completeness;
  • We protect professional confidentiality indefinitely and will issue the client’s information to a third party only if instructed by the client.



We are ready to offer accounting services to companies operating in any field.

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