Thematic tax audit

Sometimes a company may consider it more relevant to have audit of a single important topic in order to save resources. In this case we will audit correctness of tax administration in regard of a specific transaction and its compliance with the legislation, and review possible tax risks based on the nature of a given transaction.


Sell/buy a company or its shares

When buying a company, it is important to have  objective information about the financial position of a given company in order to determine its optimal value. In this case we offer both a financial audit as well as review of legal issues (including contingent assets and liabilities). Thus, certified auditors as well as experienced lawyers will provide their services to you.


Reorganization, liquidation


For taxes and accounting purposes it is important to identify expected outcomes of mergers, dissolution, and reorganization and to overcome associated difficulties.

We offer evaluation of accounting and tax liabilities and assets in case of liquidation of a company, merger, dissolution, reorganization, etc. We evaluate legal issues for evaluating a business.



Inventory Taking



Inventories or/and property, plant and equipment  are the most important part of operations of many companies. For the management of a company it is decisive to have correct information in time in order to plan operations. To ensure this, we offer inventory taking:



  • Make an accurate list of inventory or/and property, plant and equipment;
  • Taking physical inventory or/and property, plant and equipment;
  • Compare the results of inventory taken with the records and identify differences.



Financial audits will allow you to give a true and fair view of the financial position of a company to its founders, investors and creditors and gain more trust from them.

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