Employment law

Employment law comprises all the rights and obligations that define both- employer and employee rights and legitimate interests. “FSG” legal employment relations service for Employer covers the issues related to drawing up the employment contract, the company’s internal charter, defining job descriptions, other types of documents based on the employee work specifics (full material liability, obligations, etc.), provision of employer’s relevant orders on disciplinary offense, labor relations, change or termination of other types of legal documents, production, representation in labor disputes (truancy reimbursement, reinstatement) and full legal support in the relationships processes.


  • Drawing up of employment agreements
  • Forming company’s internal regulations
  • Identifying the job description based on the employee’s job specifics
  • Signing of other types of documents (full financial liability, liability and other)
  • Conducting the relevant employer’s orders on the disciplinary offenses
  • Production of other documents provided for by the legislation relating to the origin, amendment or termination of labor relations


We are also ready to defend the fair demands of those people, who became victims of the violation of law requirements by an employer and, in such case, to provide the support for the legal relations to restore them to the work, to get reimbursement, truancy compensation and to assist them to reach other desired legal results.


Residence Permit

  • Residence permit is a document with legal force that helps a citizen to get involved in legal relations with banking, insurance, medical and other services.
  • Depending on the existence of a resident permit for a foreign citizen, a permit shall be issued with a temporary or permanent residence right.


FSG provides you with full legal services to assist you in obtaining/composing all necessary documents and to take any required procedures to get any kind of residence permit in Georgia.

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