Real Estate deeds/Construction Law

Real estate deeds (sales, purchase, renting, leasing, mortgage, etc.) are characterized with a higher value and require a complete inspection of the related documentation. “FSG” will assist you in legal support of the mentioned transactions in order not to become a victim of fraudulent and to avoid any complications related to the use and/or disposal of the real estate in the future. In this regard, “FSG” will provide you with a full service, which includes the inspection of the legal status of potential purchase properties, drafting transaction contract, registration in the relevant registering agency and receiving a document confirming the property ownership.


Real Estate and Material Law

  • Purchase, registration, management, alienation and transfer to the temporary use of the real estate (land, commercial space, apartment, etc.);
  • Mortgage, seizure and other means of liability execution;
  • Tenement with right to build;
  • Usufruct;
  • Servitude;
  • Pledge.


Construction Law

  • Drafting of construction related agreements; Pre-Sale Contracts (Registration of Obligations)
  • Partnership establishment;
  • Drafting of all required documents for dismantling;
  • Ensuring legal services related to alienation of residential and/or non-residential premises during construction;
  • Commissioning of Completed Facilities; Registration of individual areas of land;
  •  Other agreements.

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