Entrepreneurial Law

In this field “FSG” can assist you to establish a company of a desired form. “FSG” will provide their clients with an appropriate consultation on the organizational-legal form, they have chosen. In addition, we will help in preparing of the company’s incorporation documents and its registration in the tax authorities.


  • Registration, liquidation, reorganization (modifying, merge, division) of limited liability society, joint stock company, solidarity community, commodity community, cooperative, individual entrepreneur, entrepreneurial and non-profit (non-commercial) legal entity
  • Registration of branches including foreign enterprises, company’s redomiciliation.
  • Drafting an appropriate memorandum (articles of the association) based on the enterprise’s activities and business purposes, as well as making amendments in the existing memorandum. Legalization of the decisions made at the General Meeting of Partners (Shareholders), drawing up of the minutes of meeting.
  • Issues related to the reduction or increase of the authorized capital, including reduction of authorized capital through the return of the contribution or by dividing the share.

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