Tax and Administrative Law

When the balance of power of the parties is more or less preserved in civil relations, the situation is radically different in case of the administrative proceedings, while the other side will always be represented by a strong, bureaucratic, and entitled authority by an administrative law, which will competent to make a decision on important issues, related to us.


Tax legal relations, along with the legal side, also largely involve the financial part of the process, and in most cases the comprehensive management of the relationship includes professional involvement of lawyers and financiers. The advantage of “FSG” is that the tax consultant is involved with the lawyer in the process of settling any issue and tax risks are  included in the regulation of the issue.


  “FSG” tax-legal service implies:

  • Issuing general legal and financial consultations in the mentioned field;
  • Appealing against the orders or decisions made by the tax authority on tax offense cases in the Dispute Resolution Board and/or the Court;
  • Client’s representation, when dealing with the tax authority;
  • Provision of reimbursement of overly accrued and/or paid amounts, procedures related to restructuring of overdue and credit debt;
  • Drawing up of tax agreement on reducing the amount accrued on the tax demand;
  • Representation in the disputes related to taxation requirements (tax and/or penalty, imposing a fine), and the protection of the taxpayer’s legitimate interests;
  • Other types of services.

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